Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Storytelling From God's Heart

So over the last 2 years I've been on this journey of falling in love with filmmaking and with stories that reflect the heart of God. I'm not necessarily talking about "Christian films," but more so, stories that reflect and question the essence of redemption, purpose, love, sacrifice, etc. During this journey I've become aware of others who have a similar stirring- some who work directly along side me everyday, some who work in the Greater Cincinnati area, and others who are currently fleshing out these concepts in Hollywood. Ralph Winter, producer of "X-Men", "Fantastic Four", and soon, "The Screw Tape Letters" and "Same Kind Of Different As Me", is one of those guys telling redemptive stories via Hollywood.
Below is part 1 of a three part youtube video I posted of Ralph speaking about storytelling and God.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Defying The Odds...

I just saw a report on Yahoo that lists my hometown as the 3rd "Smokiest Area" in the country. Nearly 28% of the people in the area are current smokers. In addition, the same area contains the nation's fattest city, the most dangerous stretch of interstate, and one of the highest cancer rates. I never realized it growing up, but I was an at risk youth. I wonder if I could get a check from the government? Nonetheless, like Chuck Woolery, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Joe Boyd, I too will rise above the hazardous circumstance of my youth to success.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pre-Turkey Improv

Join the QCPers for some comedic improvisation to prepare you for your not-so-smile-enducing thanksgiving trip to the in-laws.

* Friday, November 20th 9pm $5
at Taza Coffeehouse
2900 Jefferson Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio 45219

* Sunday, November 22nd 5pm show and 7pm show
Flavors Eatery - 8374 Princeton Glendale Rd West Chester, Ohio 45069
Tix are $15, which include dinner, drink and show

For more info look us up on Facebook "Q City Players" or checkout our blog.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hitting The Nuts

Here's the fruit of much labor...