Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Man vs. Dog

While waiting on media to render and transfer, I'm a little irritated by the amount of attention and level of concern the public and media have given to Michael Vick.
I think Michael Vick did some pretty bad stuff. I don't want dogs tortured and/or killed. I love dogs. I hope to have another within the next year or two. And I will name him Kevin.
But why do we place Michael Vick so high on the list of terrible people for abusing dogs? Why isn't this level of attention given to professional athletes who abuse their wife or persuade their teenage baby sitter to sleep with them?
If a grown man was going to either hurt my dog, sleep my 15 year-old daughter, or abuse my wife, I think I would let them hurt my dog.
I think what I'm getting at here, is saving the whales, saving the rain forest, and saving dogs is great; but can we focus on saving people first?


  1. I'm glad you choose the dog.

    your wife

  2. why do you hate dogs Isaac?


  3. I wish I could have said that I read your post first and then wrote mine. At least I could flatter you by saying that I copied. But really, we both obviously just have great minds.