Thursday, January 7, 2010

Holiday Movie Review

This post is a few days late. However, if you actually follow my blog, you know all of my posts are either late or nonexistent.

Over the holidays I had a little more down time than usual and decided to take in a variety of motion pictures. Some good, some bad, some okay. Not that you asked, but here's the skinny.

Avatar - $400 Million. We could have produced more than 4,000 sequels to Hitting The Nuts for that chunk of change. However, said HTN sequels would not have been in amazing 3D imagery and grossed $1 Billion. Basically, James Cameron convinced a few rich folks to spend $400 Million on 160 minutes to say "I hate George Bush." Though I don't have any extreme emotions toward George Bush, the movie was great to experience 1 time in the theatre and I will probably never watch again.

The Wendell Baker Story (released 2005)- I watched Henry Poole Is Here a few months ago and really enjoyed it. "Why not see what else those Wilson boys can do for a few million bucks?," I thought. Bad thought. Their first attempt at producing and directing something significant revealed it was their first time.

Julie and Julia - Amy Adams is on a hot streak. The creators flowed through the dance of the two stories flawlessly. And Meryl Streep made me worry I might have a crush on Julia Child - thats impressive. Thanks to Joe Boyd for the recommendation.

500 Days of Summer - So I hear Brad Wise sing the praises of this flick for months. I tried to see it at the theatre and it's run ended about 18 hours before I made it to the box office. So I snatched it up at Hollywood Video and when the Sugar Bowl got out of hand, I enjoyed one of the best films of the year. The story was good, but the delivery of the story was genius.

The Blind Side - Who knew Tim McGraw could act? I understand Dave Workman's concerned with the message within the message, but I wouldn't mind if more Leigh Anne Tuohys existed within the realm of private Christian schools.

The Puffy Chair (released in 2005) - This was created for only $15,000! It held my attention. The characters were quirky, interesting, and believable. They used their restrictions as artistic style instead of cheesy lackings. If you don't mind the strong but believable language, its a great example of less can be more.

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