Monday, February 23, 2009


Right before the RESET Jesus journey began I was reading through the book of Exodus and developed a few questions about the story and about God's logic/motivation during situations of that period. During my wonder, I realized, I should just ask God, maybe he will answer my quiries. Then I further realized something that my intellect knew, but that my heart had not quite connected with... The God I communicate with is the same God who communicated with Moses. He was there. He's the same one. He never retired. He was never replaced. Though this might seem pretty obvious to most who have any awareness of the God worshiped by Jews and Christians, its a concept that is radically different once it goes beyond our minds and reaches our heart. I find it very empowering.
A few weeks ago, I watched a documentary about bowhead whales recently killed, who still had harpoons in their bodies from the 1790s, which,indicated they have a maximum life span, so far, of at least 211 years. The researchers commented how amazing it would be if we could hear the stories these whales could share. Though I would be fascinated by a talking 200 year old whale, we don't really need one.
We have access to the creator and witness of all history.

By the way, do you think when Moses's staff turned into a snake and ate the snakes surrounding it and then turned back into a staff, the staff was larger than it's original size?

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  1. i theorize that Moses' staff remained its original size because the magician's snakes were no match for God's power and sovereignty and therefore did not/could not/would not show any affects on Moses' snake.