Monday, February 16, 2009

Sarah or Sarah

So last night I came across Sarah McLachlan on Austin City Limits and decide that listening to her televised acoustic concert was a great way to unwind my mind after hours of deep thought and discussion. This proved to be a pretty good decision. But before totally unwinding and retiring to bed I had one last thought. Sarah seems to be the type who can either appear very stunning or not so stunning with little change.

Its kind of interesting how different see can look based upon environment and a few minor tweeks (make up and hair). But then again, most of who are not in the public eye frequently, probably have just as differing appearances each day. We're jus not as aware of the difference. Each of our appearances aren't recorded.

My new Sarah McLachlan thought also reminded me, that based upon my environment and a few minor tweeks (frustration and a lack of patience) I think most people would view me differently than they currently do. Most would consider me less than stunning. This is when I realize my wife is pretty great to love me no matter what I look/act like during those less than stunning moments.

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