Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Years Day and Spring Training

The NFL is approaching its climax for the season - the divisional playoffs. But I'm really not completely excited. This just means in a few weeks professional football, along with college football after today, will go into hibernation. And I will still have a whole month before I can redevelop an interest in the Reds during Spring Training and even longer to wait for March Madness. You see, when you're in school (especially K-12), it's really difficult to enjoy New Years Day, because all you can think about is, tomorrow you have to go back. There's no more sleeping in. No more Super Nintendo with a bowl of cereal at 1pm. No more USA Network Midday line up of Major Dad, American Gladiators, Wings, and Just the Ten of Us. It will soon be that time of year to trade in the NFL and late morning/early afternoon Captain Crunch for the mildly interesting NCAA hoops and algebra homework....and the Reds still need a right handed power hitter

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