Monday, January 5, 2009

Peace Out 2008

So I know it’s a little late to be delivering a Best of 2008 list, but I’m going to anyway. I suppose it’s a good way to introduce myself to the world of blogging. Sorry Brad Wise for taking your idea, but I decided to prepare a list several weeks ago. Here’s a collection (in no particular order) of things that made my world go round in 2008.

Studying Improv (thank you Missy and Joe)

The Dark Knight (it’s kind of scary how much I loved the Joker)

Eli Manning avoiding a sack and David Tyree catching Eli’s pass on his helmet during Superbowl XLII.

The {re}gifter – I was thrilled to be a part of it and amazed by what God did with our efforts.

Meeting and playing with my niece Ali Kate

Buffalo Chicken Dip (just discovered it during the holiday season and my mouth can’t get enough of it)

Beginning a new job and being surround at work by several cool talented people.

The Zone winning Best Music Television Program

Experiencing Dov SS Simens’ DVD Film School. He yells a lot and is quick to remind that the film industry is not about art, it’s a business.

My 2nd Annual Birthday Kickball Game. I lost all 3 games last year, but I’m already training for 2009.

Seeing Johnny Cueto’s major league debut from 9 rows behind home plate. That kid is the next Jose Rijo. His stats don't reflect how well he did last year for a 22 year old and his ceiling is way high.

And most importantly, Jenny’s patience and support during a trying and eventful year.

Peace Out 2008

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